An unforgettable adventure, a comprehensive package of diverse activities that promise excitement and immersion in nature. Your journey begins with a meeting with the trip leader the night before, who will provide essential briefings on the upcoming adventure, recommend what to bring, and advise on suitable attire. Emphasizing the importance of long shorts and shirts, we encourage participants to carry water bottles, ensuring a constant supply is available throughout the trip.

The expedition commences at the iconic Victoria Falls, where a safety talk sets the tone for the upcoming adventure. Participants will receive the necessary rafting gear, including helmets, life jackets, and paddles. Rafting along the Zambezi River, you'll navigate through exhilarating rapids, reaching the adrenaline-pumping Rapid 10, aptly named "Gnashing Jaws of Death." A well-deserved lunch break follows before continuing the journey to Rapid 21, known as Bbob Camp, the chosen campsite.

Upon arrival, you'll be warmly welcomed by local hosts who guide you through the camp, offering the opportunity to select your preferred tent. The camp's bar will be at your disposal, and friendly guides will accompany you as you await a delicious dinner.

Lose yourself in the natural beauty of the Zambezi River, witnessing stunning sunsets and sharing stories around a campfire in the authentic African tradition. The experience extends beyond rafting, offering a unique chance to engage in a village tour. Upon decamping, explore the local African village, gaining insights into their way of life, cultural norms, values, culinary practices, and food preparation methods. This adventure is a gateway to a rich tapestry of activities, providing an unparalleled opportunity to connect with nature and the vibrant local culture.

1 Night 2 Days 13 Jul, 13 Jul, 14 Jul, and more We will collect you from your hotel
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Transfers
  • Lunch
  • Tents
  • Dinners
  • Drinks
  • Photos and Videos
  • Dry bags for your personal belongings
  • matres

What is NOT included in the tour

  • Visa (if applicable)
  • Sleeping bags
What makes this tour special

 **Comprehensive Package:** Lose yourself in a multifaceted adventure that combines falls tours, white-water rafting, fishing, and camping for an all-encompassing experience.

 **Pre-Trip Briefing:** Meet your trip leader the night before for essential briefings on the upcoming adventure. Receive valuable advice on what to bring and appropriate attire for the journey.

 **Rafting on the Zambezi:** Kick off your adventure at the iconic Victoria Falls, where a safety talk sets the tone. Equip yourself with rafting gear and navigate the thrilling rapids of the Zambezi River, including the heart-pounding Rapid 10, "Gnashing Jaws of Death."

 **Scenic Lunch Break:** Pause for a scenic lunch break along the river, rejuvenating before continuing your rafting journey.

 **Breathtaking Campsite:** Reach Rapid 21, known as Bbob Camp, where a warm welcome awaits from friendly local hosts. Choose your tent and enjoy the open bar as you anticipate a delightful dinner.

 **Nature Exploration:** Explore the natural beauty of the Zambezi River, witnessing mesmerizing sunsets and sharing stories around a campfire in the African tradition.

 **Village Tour:** Engage in a village tour, gaining insights into the unique way of life, cultural norms, values, and culinary practices of the local African community.

 **Friendly Guides:** Throughout the journey, knowledgeable and approachable guides accompany you, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

 **Campfire Stories:** Connect with fellow adventurers as you sit around the fire, sharing stories and creating lasting memories.

 **Cultural Immersion:** Beyond the thrills of rafting, delve into the rich cultural tapestry of an African village, learning about their traditions, food, and way of life.


**Day 1: Ride the Rapids and Camp Under the Stars**

- **Morning Marvel:** Get picked up from your spot in Livingstone, gearing up for an epic adventure.

- **Rapids Ready:** Dive into a riveting safety briefing, snag your gear, and trek down the gorge to meet the waiting rafts.

- **Afternoon Adrenaline:** Conquer the wild Zambezi rapids, pause for a riverbank feast, and keep the excitement flowing downstream.

- **Evening Bliss:** Pitch your camp on the riverbanks, indulge in a hearty dinner, and swap stories around a crackling campfire beneath the African night sky.


**Day 2: Village Vibes and Rafting Rendezvous**

- **Morning Magic:** Kickstart the day with a riverside breakfast and a dash of exploration.

- * Then, dive back into the rafting frenzy downstream.

- **Afternoon Awe:** Wrap up the rafting, dive into a local village tour for a cultural slice, and keep an eye out for the wild side.

- **Evening Euphoria:** Get dropped off at your Livingstone haven, bringing an end to your 2-day Zambezi rollercoaster. Keep those wild memories close!

Pickup point
Pick up from Livingstone, Kasane or Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls, Livingstone, Zambia View on Map
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