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Devil's pool sits right on top of Victoria Falls the largest waterfall on the whole planet. Plan with us for Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Livingstone Island is where Dr David Livingstone first saw the Victoria Falls. Explore the island and experience dramatic views of the Falls, before plunging into Devil's Pool, a natural rock pool on the edge of the Victoria Falls.

Visit Livingstone Island in Livingstone, Zambia (also known as Devils Pool) and stand where the Scottish explorer David Livingstone first viewed the Victoria Falls. On a Livingstone Island tour you can swim to the edge of the magnificent Victoria Falls and plunge into Devils Pool which is a natural rock pool on a ledge right at the edge of Victoria Falls.

Your trip to Livingstone Island starts on the banks of the Zambezi River in Livingstone, Zambia - 1,3 km upstream of the Royal Livingstone Hotel. Here you will meet your guides and be given an introduction of what to expect and a safety talk. From there you will take a short boat ride to Livingstone Island. The captain will navigate the rocky channels as you cruise within a close distance of the Victoria Falls. This is a great experience in itself.

Once you reach Livingstone Island you will be greeted by the friendly staff. You are then lead to the very edge of the Victoria Falls where David Livingstone first witnessed the Falls himself. You get to experience magnificent views of the Victoria Falls from a completely different perspective than the views from the rainforest. If it is a sunny day the rainbows are incredible.

Once you have viewed the Victoria Falls you have the opportunity to jump into Devils Pool. The guides will explain the route before giving you a safety briefing. Although there is a safety rope to assist you along the way, you should be a confident swimmer. Once you reach the ledge you climb onto a rocky outcrop close to the edge of the Falls. Devils Pool is a deep natural pool that has been created by thousands of years of erosion. Devils Pool has a natural rock ledge literally on the edge of the Falls. This creates a barrier where the water is only a few centimeters deep. This barrier allows you to safely jump into the pool without getting swept over the edge of the falls.

Once you are in Devils Pool you can lie on the rock ledge and look out over the Victoria Falls. With the flowing water rushing past just meters away. This is an incredible experience and one you will be talking about forever. Once you have had your fun in Devils Pool the guides will lead you back to Livingstone Island where you will be treated to either breakfast, lunch or high tea depending the the time of day. The three options are explained below:

1 Hour 30 Minutes 14 Jun, 15 Jun, 16 Jun, and more Devils Pool
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

  • Livingstone Island Morning Breezer (US$120 per person)
  • Trips to Livingstone Island are offered at different times throughout the day. Each trip lasts about 1,5 hours. The Livingstone Island morning breezer trips leave from the Livingstone Island launch site (1,3 km upstream of the Royal Livingstone Hotel) at 07:30, 09:00 and 10:30 and includes tea & coffee, soft drinks and light snacks.
  • Livingstone Island Lunch (US$190 per person)
  • The Livingstone Island lunch trip departs at 12:30 and includes lunch, soft drinks, beer and wine.
  • Livingstone Island High Tea (US$165 per person)
  • The Livingstone Island high tea departs at 15:30 and includes tea & coffee, light snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine.

What is NOT included in the tour


  • Visa(if applicable)


What makes this tour special
  • Key Highlights:

    Historical Significance:

    Begin your journey at Livingstone Island, where the legendary Scottish explorer Dr. David Livingstone first laid eyes on the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. Immerse yourself in the historical significance of the location, appreciating the same dramatic views that captivated Livingstone centuries ago.
    Boat Ride and Scenic Cruising:

    Kick off the adventure with a short boat ride from the banks of the Zambezi River. Cruise along rocky channels, getting up close and personal with the majestic Victoria Falls. The journey itself is an enchanting experience, offering unique perspectives of the falls from the water.
    Devil's Pool Plunge:

    Upon reaching Livingstone Island, marvel at the extraordinary views of Victoria Falls from a distinct vantage point. Then, gear up for the highlight of the experience – a plunge into Devil's Pool, a natural rock pool perched on the edge of the falls. While a safety rope guides you, only confident swimmers should attempt this exhilarating swim.
    Unique Natural Setting:

    Devil's Pool is a deep, natural pool formed over thousands of years of erosion, offering a breathtaking barrier just centimeters away from the edge of Victoria Falls. This setting provides a safe yet adrenaline-pumping opportunity to swim at the very precipice of the iconic waterfall.
    Spectacular Views and Rainbows:

    Absorb the incredible views of Victoria Falls from Devil's Pool, with rainbows dancing in the mist on sunny days. The juxtaposition of the natural surroundings, the rushing water, and the close proximity to the falls creates an awe-inspiring and unforgettable experience.
    Guided Return and Culinary Delights:

    After the Devil's Pool adventure, the expert guides will safely lead you back to Livingstone Island. Depending on the time of day, indulge in a post-adventure meal, with options ranging from breakfast, lunch, or high tea. Reflect on your remarkable experience while savoring delicious cuisine in a picturesque setting.

  • **Detailed Itinerary: Devil's Pool and Livingstone Island Experience**

    **1. Arrival and Briefing:**
       - **Location:** Banks of the Zambezi River, Livingstone, Zambia.
       - **Time:** As per scheduled tour time.
       - Begin your adventure with a warm welcome from your guides at the Zambezi River. Receive an introduction to the upcoming experience and a thorough safety talk, ensuring that you're well-prepared for the exciting journey ahead.

    **2. Boat Ride to Livingstone Island:**
       - **Mode of Transportation:** Boat.
       - **Duration:** Short boat ride.
       - Embark on a scenic boat ride along the Zambezi River, navigating the rocky channels towards Livingstone Island. Take in the picturesque surroundings as you approach the historical island, anticipating the remarkable views that await.

    **3. Arrival at Livingstone Island:**
       - **Greeting:** Warm welcome by friendly staff.
       - Arrive at Livingstone Island and be greeted by the amiable staff. Feel the historical significance of the island as you stand at the very spot where Dr. David Livingstone first laid eyes on the Victoria Falls.

    **4. Victoria Falls Viewing:**
       - **Location:** Edge of Victoria Falls on Livingstone Island.
       - Experience the dramatic views of Victoria Falls from a unique perspective. Stand at the edge where Livingstone himself witnessed the majestic falls for the first time. Marvel at the natural wonder and take in the awe-inspiring surroundings.

    **5. Devil's Pool Plunge:**
       - **Location:** Devil's Pool on the edge of Victoria Falls.
       - **Safety Briefing:** Guides explain the route and safety measures.
       - **Swimming Skills:** Confident swimmers only.
       - Gear up for the highlight of the experience – a thrilling plunge into Devil's Pool. Receive guidance on the route and safety measures from the knowledgeable guides. With a safety rope to assist, take the plunge into the natural rock pool perched on the edge of Victoria Falls.

    **6. Enjoying Devil's Pool:**
       - **Experience:** Lie on the rock ledge overlooking Victoria Falls.
       - **Ambiance:** Feel the rush of flowing water just meters away.
       - Revel in the incredible experience of lying on the rock ledge of Devil's Pool, gazing out over the mesmerizing Victoria Falls. The proximity to the rushing water creates a sensory adventure that will leave a lasting impression.

    **7. Return to Livingstone Island:**
       - **Guided Return:** Guides lead you back to Livingstone Island.
       - After the exhilarating experience in Devil's Pool, follow your guides back to Livingstone Island. Reflect on the adventure while enjoying the scenic surroundings.

    **8. Culinary Experience:**
       - **Options:** Breakfast, lunch, or high tea.
       - Depending on the time of day, indulge in a well-deserved meal on Livingstone Island. Choose from the culinary options provided – breakfast, lunch, or high tea – and savor the flavors while basking in the beauty of your surroundings.


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