extraordinary journey along the Zambezi River, where tranquility meets thrilling wildlife encounters. Begin with a peaceful Zambezi River cruise, gently drifting on the water while absorbing the serene surroundings. Transition into the heart of nature's pulse as you canoe along the river, encountering wildlife in their natural habitat.

3 Days 14 Jun, 15 Jun, 16 Jun, and more Livingstone, Southern Province
What we'll give. What we won't

What is included in the tour

Airport Transfer

Hotel pick up and drop off

Bottled water


Entry fees

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Visa (if applicable)


What makes this tour special

1. **Sunset Boat Cruise on the Zambezi:**
   - Immerse yourself in the tranquility of a sunset boat cruise on the Zambezi River.
   - Revel in the breathtaking scenery as the sun sets, casting a golden glow over the water and surrounding landscapes.
   - Enjoy a leisurely cruise while savoring the beauty of the Zambezi, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and reflection.

2. **Canoe Safari on the Upper Zambezi:**
   - Embark on a thrilling canoe safari on the upper reaches of the Zambezi River.
   - Spot wildlife along the water's edge, from graceful antelopes to majestic giraffes, creating a unique and intimate connection with nature.
   - Navigate the gentle currents, surrounded by the sounds of nature, for an unforgettable and up-close wildlife experience.

3. **Wildlife Tour in Mosi oa Tunya Park:**
   - Explore the rich biodiversity of Mosi oa Tunya Park on a guided wildlife tour.
   - Witness the spectacle of animals freely crossing the Zambezi River, including antelopes, zebras, and elephants against the backdrop of the stunning landscapes.
   - Encounter the beauty of nature in its raw form as you observe these animals in their natural habitat.

4. **Rare White Rhinos in Mosi oa Tunya Park:**
   - Discover the rare and majestic white rhinos that inhabit Mosi oa Tunya Park.
   - Get up close to these incredible creatures, learning about their conservation and the efforts to protect them in the wild.
   - Capture the awe-inspiring sight of these magnificent animals as part of your journey through the park.

5. **Guided Tour of the Zambian Side of Victoria Falls:**
   - Conclude your adventure with a guided tour of the Zambian side of Victoria Falls.
   - Marvel at the power and grandeur of the falls as your guide provides insights into the geological and historical significance of this natural wonder.
   - Feel the mist on your face as you stand in awe of the sheer force and beauty of the Zambezi River cascading over the cliffs.

6. **Nature's Wonders Unveiled:**
   - Experience a seamless journey connecting various facets of nature's wonders, from serene sunsets on the Zambezi to the excitement of wildlife encounters in Mosi oa Tunya Park.
   - Gain a profound appreciation for the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the diversity of life in this remarkable region.
   - Create lasting memories as you witness the beauty and harmony of nature unfold in one comprehensive and unforgettable adventure.



Lion King Sunset Cruise .

Feel the anticipation build as you board our luxurious cruise vessel, adorned with the spirit of the Lion King. As the sun begins its descent, casting a warm glow over the landscape, lose yourself in the untamed beauty of the Zambezi, a river that whispers tales of ancient mysteries and majestic wildlife.

*Pick up at hotel 15:30hrs, drop back 19h00



Feel the pulse of adventure with each dip of your paddle, as the Zambezi whispers tales of ancient mysteries and modern-day marvels. Encounter the river's vibrant wildlife, Let the vibrant hues of the sun paint the sky with an array of colors, turning your canoeing experience into a canvas of breathtaking moments.

*Pick up at hotel 08h00, drop back 12h30


Musi oa tunya National Park Game Drive.

In the morning after your breakfast at 08:00 our driver will meet you at your hotel reception for a 3 hours game drive. This activity gives you the opportunity to see different kind of animals such as elephants, impalas, buffalos, white rhinos etc and our guide will be there to give you all information you need.

Victoria Falls guided tour.

Journey to the heart of nature's greatness with our exclusive Victoria Falls guided tour! Get ready to witness the Mighty Victoria Falls in all its majestic glory, as our seasoned guides unveil the secrets and wonders that make this natural wonder truly extraordinary.


Pickup point
Pick up from Livingstone, Kasane or Victoria Falls
Livingstone, Zambia View on Map
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