People have been using commercial rafting companies on the river rapids below the Victoria Falls since 1981.

It has taken 300 million years to cut the gorge below the falls .  

The river is very high volume between January and June when the falls delivers over a million gallons of water a minute.


The Famous Rapids of The Lower Zambezi

To give you an idea of what you will experience. NOT to be missed !!! 


•    "The 3 "Minus rapids": These are unofficial rapids before the #1 .  

Minus #1 and Minus #2 are the only rapids that have been run, minus #3 is impossible to access because of its proximity to the falls. Rapid Minus #2 is the biggest on the river. •    

1-   Boiling pot. It's the first rapid of the day about 250 meter away from the falls.It's the class 5 or grade 5.Class five is the highest grade world wide.

2-   The Bridge .  class grade 2.


3-   Rapid 3 grade 4.

4-   Morning Glory. Class five(5)

5-   Stairway to Heaven. Class five(5) it's a five meters drop.It's the biggest drop in one day trip.

6-   The Devils Toilet Bowl. Class 3 small but very strong with whirlpools.

7-   Gullivers Travels .It's a class five (5) the longest, more than 100.mts long.Very tactical rapid.

8-   The Muncher.It's has three choices.the left called starstruck,pure class five (5) rapid.with a very big wave. In the middle we have muncher A class four big wave,and on the far right we have the a class 3 called chicken line.

9-   Commercial suicide. Commercially not run. It's a class 6 rapid. Everyone is required to walk around by the law.

10-  Gnashing jaws of Death. Class three rapid,just after this rapid we break for lunch and that's were morning trip finishes,and all the people walk slowly back up the gorge . Pm starts bellow rapid 10 and people to walk down the gorge.

11-  Overland Truck Eater.the first rapid of the afternnoon.Class 4 rapid.

12-  abc-Three ugly sisters. 12a class 2 rapid. 12b the biggest among the three. It's a class 3 rapid. 12c it's the smallest class 1 rapid.

13-  The mother.Class 4 rapid,big wave.

14-  Narrows.  very narrow gorge with a class 1 rapid.

15-  The washing machine. not good to run the rapid in the centre in low water because their is a rock. Class 5.

16ab-   Terminator. In high water these are the only class 5.Rapids.

17-  Double trouble or Judgment Day. Two nice big waves. Class 3 rapid.

18-  Oblivion. The biggest in the afternoon Pm it has three waves.pure class 5 rapid.

19-  The Last Strain. Class two.

23-  The Morning Shaws.  Class three

25-  The Afternoon Shawls.  Class two rapid




We run all rapids in our LOW WATER RAFTING SEASON except for RAPID 9(Commercial Suicide which is a Grade VI)


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